Wednesday, January 16

What is the concept of Shaikh?

Salaam, Shalom, Hi!, Bonjour Everyone!

Having grown up in this western, modern civilization, I have gone through the typical teenage boys to men struggles in trying to figure out this life and our purpose to be here. I have gone through depression, anxiety and other struggles in life till I met my Shaikh, who acts like a guidance counselor, a teacher or a well wisher atleast towards our journey.

Shaikh is someone who you can trust with your decisions as he has learned and is still learning through people who have far greater experiences in life. A major rule in Sufi teachings is that a human can learn the most through the experiences. The knowledge is implicit as opposed to explicit. You cannot gain experience by reading a book. A shaikh can help you gain experiences, whether it be through intentions or just circumstances that you come across in life.

I will try to explain and elaborate my experiences and teachings in the manner that I learn them. In essence, in my opinion, journey towards Sufism leads to inner acceptance and peace.

"I have just started on this journey and lot of things that had happened in my life are already making sense. Not everything that happened in my life has been a coincidence. The collaborative effect of all the things, situations or incidents that I have come across make me what I am today. The experiences of today will make me what I will be tomorrow." - The author of this blog (Name withheld, so that the essence of this blog is not lost)

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