Thursday, August 7

This shall too pass

Once upon a time, a great Shah of Persia decided to have a special jewel encrusted ring made for his personal use. On the ring, he wanted to engrave a few words which would give him great comfort in times of distress. He offered huge rewards for anyone who could suggest the best words of wisdom to him for his purpose.

Many people came forward, but none of their words where to the Kings liking.

Then a dervish visited the palace and said..."Oh King! Let me tell you of the words that have always given me great comfort in my time of distress and sorrow"

He told the King.. the words touched the him so much he head them engraved on his ring and would always look at them when he felt sad or experienced difficulty...and immediately his heart would be filled with a new spirit of patience courage and faith....

Those words..... "This too shall pass"

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