Friday, November 7

Sadness vs Happiness

Sadness is self-inflicted, as is happiness. But neither can exist without the other. How can you know what happiness really is when you've never felt sad? How would you know you're sad if you've never known how happy you can be?

So what is it to be happy? Perhaps happiness is eternal peace, like that in the life of a child. To be so innocent and naive, oblivious to all the animosity and malice in the world around you. No thoughts of your fast approaching future and what labyrinthine path it is likely to hold. Not a worry in your head but raindrops and candy canes. Eternal peace: a concept way out of our reach no matter how hard we struggle to grasp it. A longing for serenity that only exists deep in the subconscious pits of our preoccupied minds. Yet, as children we assumed such tranquility to be inevitable and eternal. Now we endeavor in every way and opt to re-conquer the peace that was once unconditionally ours, never quite quenching the thirst, hence scouring for happiness as long as we are here.

Then how do we achieve happiness? We simply don’t. Happiness is not a goal you can achieve and check off your things-to-do list. Instead of chasing happiness we should pause every now and then and look around ourselves. Inhale the true essence of all that is life, rather than depriving ourselves of what we have today only to strive for what we can perhaps never have. Live life one day at a time and reminisce on all the positive attributes the day entails, as opposed to dwelling on less appeasing matters.

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M. Hussain C said...

Mashallah it has the logic to it as well. You need the bad around you to reflect the good within.