Wednesday, January 28

Importance of Enduring Troubles - Shaykh Nazim

This post is dedicated to folks around us who are going through troubled times. Whether it be the war around us or loosing your jobs during these tough economic times. This is a sohbet from Shaykh Nazim to his students on enduring problems in life and being patient.

If you happen to be one of the people facing problems, remember opportunity usually comes wrapped in the garb of adversity. It is from Allah and it is just a test - it will pass. Keep your faith strong in Allah.

Our Grandsheikh was saying about trials: everyday they are coming afresh and the mureed must be ready and careful each time for that trying, that his faith may become real faith. Everyone may improve his station. For one still under his ego’s rule, he will be tested by that which his ego will never like. From everything, family, friends, work and neighbours, may come to you what you don’t like. The way of development is the way of patience. There is no quick development. Onemust be agreeable to all happenings to and around him-self. That is the sign of development, to endure peoples’ troubling you. It is not important to fy in the sky or to walk on the sea or to be seen in several places at once or to dream good dreams.

Important in our way is to be patient, resisting every wave of evil like a mountain in a storm, not being pushed back. That is development. Or like the ocean, not becoming dirty from the rivers pouring into it. People with extraordinary powers may fly, but may in the end lose their faith when Iblis rushes on them. We must be able to endure every harmfrom everyone. Our Grandsheikh says, we must be awa-
kened for everything coming contrary to our liking and be ready to tolerate it. This is the real station of faith.

Three times a day a sheikh looks to his mureeds, but not with a looking to give them pleasure, instead they are looking to send something to the mureed that he will never like. Are you patient, or giving up? When you are patient, your heart is given satisfaction, and a light comes on your real eyes and is coming more faith.

At each opportunity you may advance or come down. This time is particularly filled up with unliked things, the world full of evils and devils. The Prophet said, to keep religion in this time is more diffcuIt than to keep fire in one’s hand. We must be patient. Allah gives to those enduring unliked things endless reward. It is the way of real faith, like the way of Prophets and of AwliyĆ¢’, to endure the badness of people.

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