Wednesday, May 13

How To See The Holy Prophet

A man desired to see the Holy Prophet (salla' llaahu'alaihi wa sallam) in a dream but he was not able to achieve this desire. He approached a noble Saint, imploring his advice. The Saint an intimate friend of Allah, said: "My son, on Friday evening you must eat a lot of salted fish, then perform your prayer and go to bed without drinking any water. Then you will see."

The man followed this advice. He spent the whole night dreaming that he was drinking from streams, fountains and springs. When morning came, he ran crying to the saint: " O Friend of Allah, did not see the Messenger. I was so thirsty that all I dreamed about was drinking from fountains and springs. I am still thirsty." The saint then told him: "So, eating salted fish gave you such a thirst that you dreamed all night long of nothing but water. Now you must feel such a thirst for Allah's Messenger and you will surely see him!"

Those who lovingly repeat Durood and Salaam will most certainly see the Beloved of Allah. That fortunate person is assured of his intercession.

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