Thursday, February 14

Beauty of Simplicity and
The Art of Being Yourself

In order to love someone purely, is to actually see someone’s world through his or her eyes, and vice-versa. Once this happens... the universe merges the two different souls through the same path of life where these learn to coexist as one. To see through his or her eyes requires openness, love, faith, honesty, giving without expectations and trust. Once this occurs, two individuals learn how to speak the unspoken language of love, or better said, they learn how to speak the language with which the universe communicates to us.

This communication is spontaneous, powerful and clear to see if you are open, and if you love, believe and are honest, giving and trustworthy. It occurs when the two energetic bodies attune to their vibrations and create an energetic harmony. These find in each other a resonant vibration that attracts all resonant vibrations nearby, and sometimes, will 'unintentionally' communicate telepathically to others or others will be able to attune to the harmony of the Universe and find them.

The majesty of the sky and celestial objects merely represent a little piece of God's creation, and yet they are so attractive, so impressive that one might think there must be nothing bigger and more beautiful than those. When looked at, they have a profound effect on our souls when they irradiate us with their rays of sun or moon light. They caress our energetic bodies during day and night and recharge us. They remind us that we are the source of life and change in this planet

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