Sunday, February 10

What Do I Know of Love? By Rumi

What Do I Know of Love

I talk of Love.

He says, “what do you know of Love.”
It’s insanity, It’s Pain.
How it cuts through your soul.
How it burns.

What do I know of Love?
in my heart,
Then, silence.

I have seen a glimpse of love,
And have witnessed it’s insanity.
Why do I cry? Oh God, Why…?

He speaks of your Love.
But the love of your creation alone,
has driven me,
to madness.
What do I know, of your Love?

There it goes,
Taxiing down the runway.
And here, I stand,
with my pieces all around me.
My drunken heart,
my numb senses.

What are these at my feet?
Shattered glass?
I must try to put them back together,
From where should I start?
Where should I start?

The lonely bench,
in the morning fog.
The weeping flowers.
My wailing heart.

Why do they all cry?
Do they also know,
of love?

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