Sunday, April 20

How do you live your life?

By: Muhammad Shaheen

Here is something to think about..

Every single one of us lived our lives a different way.
Some of us grew strong, while others grew weaker by each day.
Some of us were healthy, while others were sick.
Some of us flew through the day, while others watched the minutes tick.
Some of us ran to help those in need,
While others took advantage and strengthened their greed.
Some of us were wealthy, while others remained poor.
Some of the diseases destroyed lives, while scientists searched for the cure.
Some of us were fair, while others were not.
Some of us got away while others got caught.
Some of us were athletic while others remained still.
Some of us treasured life, while others searched for a way to kill.
Some of us were not afraid, while others remained meek.
Some of us were popular, while others were named as "the geek"
Some of us believed in God, while others didn't care.
Some of us believed life was cruel, while others believed it was fair.
Some of us lived life to the fullest, while others threw it all away.
Some of us gave up, while others seized the day.

Though we all lived different lives, we have not lived them in vain.

All we were given was a life to live, with everything to gain.

Ask yourself,

What am I going to do with my life, live with purpose and meaning or live with no purpose and no meaning?


Bas said...

Thanks for this. Exactly what my heart was looking for.

TtheEnd OfTheFish 2012 said...

What you say has wisdom, surely you must see the dangers of blond faith, of religious dogma, of confusing spirituality with historic myths. Surely Christianity and Islam was built upon the rock of Judaism, and to hate Judaism is to hate your own religion. I say this as one who belongs to no religion - but I am a child of God as is everyone else. Perhaps religious instruction could be helpful to some, but for the most part I see it as a political elite class controlling the peasants with fear.