Friday, April 4

How not to get depressed?

How to deal with Life's hardships and not be depressed?

We have to admit that sometimes there are difficult stages in our lives. During that time, we are often tested and later realize that test had a great impact on us today.

Sometimes we look at an individual and the first thing that comes to our mind if they are smiling and enjoying themselves is, "I wish I could live that person's life, they seem so happy, free from problems and hardships."

The truth is that nobody has a life free from hardships. It is easy to hide what we have been through and to keep the pain that continually adds up inside without opening up and discussing the problem. One of the most important things I have learned is constantly keeping things to yourself can lead to a more severe anxiety and depression.

Depression has become a very serious and common illness among people in today's society. It is true that depression is very hard to overcome and recover from. You cannot simply wake up one morning, go to a therapist for a 45 minute session, and feel happy and cheerful again. Recovering from depression, anxiety and panic attacks takes a while, for some people it may take weeks, and for others it may take months or even years depending on how hard they are willing to work with the therapist, psychiatrist, and anti depressants.

The hardest part to getting through depression is not knowing who to turn to for help. It becomes very hard for us to trust people and take advice because we have isolated ourselves completely from the people we love. It becomes extremely hard to control our emotions as well. The first step is to discuss your problem with the parent you feel most comfortable with. Letting out your emotions is one way of reducing depression because emotions will eventually control you if you let them build up.

I would just like to say that there is truly nothing worth being depressed over in this world. We need to put our faith in Allah and trust that he will protect us from anything and everything. Let us make the hereafter our main priority and if we focus on that alone, and I can guarantee that depression will not be a problem.

A poem which I read today By Mevlana Rumi(ra)

Love is the cure,
for your pain will keep giving birth to more pain
until your eyes constantly exhale love
as effortlessly as your body yields its scent.”

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May Allah Almighty fill our hearts with the Nur of Muhammad(pbuh)

Salma Remani
Muhammad Shaheen


Anonymous said...

Perhaps you're too naive about people who depress.
Is things that simple as you said going to discuss with parents and family?
If everyone has caring and wise parents, depression will not be an issue today.
Mostly people depress because they are so lost confused and misled by ignorant and abusing (physically, emotionally) parents. They grew up from hellish environment.
They can't talk to friends and colleagues because people will avoid from them.
And they can't afford the fee of professional therapist and sometimes even a doctor turns up to be nasty and spiritual leader neglect and being rude when they can't take negativity to discuss.
Females will added by harassments when she vent it even to professional or elderly. Everything just screwed up. That's it. Isn't it not miserable?!

Usman said...

Maybe it is also naive to just blame the parents, however, I agree that person's upbringing dictates their behaviour in the adult life.

God willing, At the same time, strong souls will the survive depression and overcome it. I know I overcame depression that I went through for over 3 years to a point where I was on paxil and was going suicidal thoughts. However, I managed to fix it MYSELF without any therapy nor any external asisstance. I looked at how I was thinking and reacting to situations and asked for Allah's help and I overcame it.

As you are most probably aware, Paxil is also hard to get off as well, but Allah helped me through it.

Greyshaman said...

If only there were such a way as to not get depressed.

It was very beautifully written. I enjoyed reading it.

Shaykh said...

The company of the pious is the only solution to come out of depression...most of us are falsely led into believing that we can come out of depression ourselves but the more we try to come out the deeper we are pulled in the downward is like quick sand...

The company of the pious and a shaykh can rid one of depression!