Monday, March 9

Awliya's Salawat (Prayer)

A woman came to Hadhrat Hasan Basri (rahmatullahi alayhi) and said, "My daughter has passed away, I want to see her in a dream". Hasan Basri advised her, "Offer four rak'at nafl Salat after the Isha. Recite Surah At-Takathur after Al Fatiha in each rak'at. After offering the Salat go to bed and recite Darud till you sleep."

She followed the advise. In the dream she saw her daughter in severe punishment. Her both hands were cuffed and her feet were tied with the chains of fire.

After getting up in the morning she went straight to Hadhrat Hasan Basri (rahmatullahi alayhi) and told the dream. Hazrat Hasan Basri said, "Give alms on her behalf. It is possible that Allah may forgive her".

The next night, Hasan Basri himself dreamt a garden of Paradise having a very high throne on which a very beautiful and charming girl was sitting. She was wearing a crown of light. She said "Hasan! Do you recognise me?". Hasan said "No, I do not recognise you". The girl said, "I am the same girl to whose Mother you advised to recite the Darud (after the Isha till sleep)". Hadhrat Hasan said, "Your Mother told me quite a contrary condition". She said, "I was in the same condition as told by my Mother". "How did you get this position?" enquired Hadhrat Hasan. The girl told, "I was being punished along with seventy thousand people in that torment. A devotee from the saints passed by our graveyard. He recited Darud once on the Prophet salaAllahu alayhi wasalam and prayed to Allah to grant us the reward of that Darud. Allah answered his prayer and all of us were forgiven and granted salvation".

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