Friday, March 13

Unity among the People

A friend passed this to me today, it is beautiful.

Why are some so judgmental? I believe that if one is so busy judging another, then they have no time to love. And Love should be the axis that all human beings should revolve on. If one does not have love in one's heart, then one has a dead soul. I am pretty sure that there are some out there who really know the depth of this statement. This is the statement that came out of the Prophet's heart. This is the statement that comes out of the Sheik's heart and believe me, it is only the person, and only the person who knows this depth I talk of will understand this statement.

The Prophet (SAW) was never judgmental. He never found fault with anybody. He even accepted the hypocrites who wanted him dead. So why are some so hell-bent in squashing their own brethren?

Look at our Prophet and look at how he lived. He is the best example one can have as to how to treat human beings whether they are Kafir or Muslim. We are just Ummas of the Prophet. We do not have the right to stamp or label another human being saying `He's Kafir, He's Muslim'. This is Allah's work. That's why we have the creator so that He can actually rule the created.

We are all Muslims and that's a fact. Among us there are the true ones and then again there are the not-so-true ones. True or not-so-true, we are all Umma of the Prophet SAW. Because we have different theologies does not mean that we are Kafirs among Muslims. We have a civic and a social responsibility as Muslims to stay united as Muslims and pose as an indomitable front. One may not agree on some of the motives or actions another Muslim brother would posses but the bottom line is we are all Muslims. If there is a another force that is going around the world to destroy Islam and Muslims, then we should all join hands to confront this force as a united front and not as a divided family. It really does not matter if one has a doubt about the Prophet’s ways or if one disagrees with Sheik Nazim and Sufism, or if one does not do anything Islamic at all. It really does not matter. But the fact is that we are all Muslims, as Muslims we must join hands
to stay safe in numbers so that we can meet that destructive force with a formidable front.

So, some brothers being mad at some members are not doing any good for personal or collective advancement. They are also not being responsible in propagating Islam in the way Allah and the Prophet wanted. If one finds a Muslim of another extreme, it is truly not correct to alienate this person. The right way would be to try to make him see that he is slightly distracted from the way of Allah and all efforts must be given to pull back the person in to the right way. But what do we see here? Alienation of the highest order…………. mud slinging, back biting! If some of the people in the forum think that a few people in the forum are in the wrong path, by all means please enlighten those in the wrong instead of labelling them. It really does not matter if you are wahhabi, shia or any other sect within the Muslim circle. As long as they acknowledge Allah Almighty and the Prophet (SAW) nothing should really matter.

Why are we letting ourselves be overwhelmed by the trivialities of life? Just lift your head and look at the sky above you? Can you comprehend its vastness? In the same way, can you truly comprehend HAQ? Can you actually say that you have understood Allah Almighty completely? Oh, how can one be so judgemental when you may not even have touched the surface of infinity.

Some don't want to pray shoulder to shoulder because they might have to join a Shia or a Wahhabi or whatever. Some don't want to associate another sect because they tie their hands for takbir in a different way. Some Muslims don't want to associate another sect of Muslims because they go and pray at ziharams and believe in Awliyas. Then, here in Sri Lanka , some Muslims discouraged another set of Muslims from joining Sufism because they were told that the Sufis pray only three times a day!

Ignorance and lack of proper knowledge led them to believe in a falsehood. Praying three or five times or 100 times, what? Aren’t they are all praying to Allah Almighty. The former Sri Lankan Ambassadoress for Pakistan visited some Sufis in Peshawar . These Sufis meditate in a cave and come out only on certain days. On her visit, she witnessed that the Sufis did not pray the 5 times prayer and she popped the question how come? Out came the answer: why limit remembrance of Allah to just 5 times a day when we are with Allah 24 hours of the day and every second of the day. How does one argue with logic like that? Logic perfectly harmonised with theology and action.

Do you really think HAQ is being governed by mundane things like who is right and who is wrong? If the Sufis are praying 3 times a day or not at all, whether they are praying five rakats or ten or only two for that matter, they are with Allah 24 hours of the day…………look at the bottom line, they are with Allah 24 hours of the day aren't they? They are all prostrating before Allah Almighty and have acknowledged the Prophet as the messenger of Allah. Can you truly tell those Sufis that they are not with Allah because they are not praying five times day? Will Allah Almighty or the Prophet not acknowledge those Sufis because they did not pray 5 times a day?

Motives and ideas of each person or a sect is different from each other but as long as they are within the circle of Islam that propagates one God and that the Prophet is the last of the messengers, I think it is safe to say that one is in the correct path. People can go to extremes. People go to extremes in relation to Islamic rights and rituals but they are all Muslims and brethren. No individual sect can announce to the world that they are the better and correct path to Allah Almighty. All come under the umbrella of Islam/Muslim, and therefore, should not stand alone and confront separately a common battle which has to be sorted out with a united front. If there are among us brethren who have some ideas that don't coincide with the norm, then disassociate yourself with those ideas ONLY but still associate with the person because he is still a fellow Muslim. Try to guide the person concerned to see light in those parts that need guidance. Because
this person as a whole is an umma of the Prophet and if there is a Muslim who is completely extreme in his outlook, leave him to Allah for guidance.

No Muslim should be judgmental about another human being. No Muslim should be the judge, jury and the executioner of another human being. It is only Allah and Allah alone who has this right to make this call. If you love Allah and the Prophet, show it in action. The noblest way to show it would be the way the Prophet (SAW) lived and acted.

To be truly happy and content, you need 2 things: Love and Understanding. Love that should come with spontaneity of the heart and understanding that can lead to forgiveness. You cannot have one without the other. You need both to be happy. Humanity has lost the spontaneity of love and understanding.. They have forgotten the path to forgiveness.

Shaitan works in many ways. Let’s stay united for the love of Allah

Soraya Usuf


theMostlyHarmless said...

I'm glad you switched back to the old layout of the site. Because the one with the black background and the white text was very difficult to read.

To my comment on the text: I agree that we should not be judgmental about anybody, because we all have to focus on ourselves and our spiritual improvement. However, I don't think that anybody should think of the obligatory acts of worship as things that can be lifted from some people. The beloved Prophet (s.a.w) performed all of them and he surely was nearer to Allah than anybody ever can be.

Sufi said...

Thanks, sometimes as they say, if it ain't broken, don't fix it. Its hard to find a usable theme for blogger.

Thanks for the wonderful comments. I agree that everyone is liable for their farz deeds.