Sunday, April 5


I hasten from place to place
corner to corner,
Searching for the house that shelters me
but wherever i go i find i am still displaced...
They say 'home is where the heart is'
But if i am not at my abode, then where is this heart?
Is it also lost?
What then is this endless ache i feel inside?
Where is my place, if the One i seek is placeless?
Where is the Convoy of Lights,
Show me......
And instead of trailing my shadow, let me follow Them.
Let Their will be done.
For i know, each fallen drop is cleansing my entire being.
Let the Lights refine my every tear into cultured pearls,
Let them polish me like a lustrous diamond,
and all shimmering gems that be,
So that i may shine in utter brilliance
as i stand both heart and soul in His dominion.....
The dominion of the One......whose placeless.

- Roohi