Sunday, April 26

Power of Perception

Who you intend to be is only changed once you tell yourself the truth about who you are - not who you think you are because of what others have done or said - but who you truly are.

If you have vision boards or do daily affirmations, the majority of it works around changing something about yourself; be it material or physical. Have you ever asked yourself why the change is so important to you? Do you know why you wish for the things you do?

If you don't know yourself beyond others' perceptions, you wouldn't possibly know your heart's desires beyond it either.

Everything in this world is neutral and only manifests into something once thought has tarnished its place in the world. The same goes for you.

No matter what you look like, what car you drive, whether you give change to a beggar or love the partner who is right for you, none of this is your truth unless you do not allow yourself to be swayed by the perception of others.

Before you fight me on this, stop - go get a piece of paper and write a list about all those things that define you. The things that no-one else has had the power to destroy about you, the things that you know without anyone else's approval - like how beautiful you are, how unique your features are, how brilliant you are at sharing your feelings, what a great son or daughter you are, how talented you are, the unique gift you give to the world every day. If only your perception has defined you, you should be writing lists of talents, gifts, offerings to the world, unique characteristics and pure magnificence.

Until then, step out of your own shoes and look at yourself - really look. It's not often we truly witness a miracle.

Try this exercise for a few weeks

Watch the thoughts that run through your mind about yourself and see how much of that is really your truth or something you have blindly believed due to someone else's perception of you.

THEN, tell yourself the truth about who you really are - chances are, you'll meet someone really special and unique along the way - YOU!!!!!


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Anonymous said...

Your domain looks like it's going to expire - if you are not interested or able to continue this blog, please let me know and I will by your domain and keep this site alive.