Friday, September 18


It's human nature to wonder about our own inner selves.

What kind of inner presence do we have?
How are we different from the rest of creation?
How can this knowledge help us to understand what we must do and the potential pitfalls we may have to face?
These are important questions that lay the groundwork for our own conception of what our life journey will entail.

Three basic states of existence in the ralm of living creatures.
  • The transcendence of the angels.
  • The animal or instinctual state.
  • The dichotomy of humanity.

*Starting with the angels, they are completly ratıonal.They have no material concerns and know of other reality than to be in complete awe and worshıp of the divine beauty of God.They are in perfect state of unity.

*The animal state, howewer,covers those creatures that are goverend by instinct more than anything else.Such beings are slaves to the ultimate end of theie lives.They act without forethought, are driven by primitive emotions and prompts, and have no sense of their own transcendence or potential.

*The human being, on the other hand, has a little of the angel within him, and alittle of the animal, aswell.These two forces do battle on a daily basis.Those who lean more toward their angelic side become progressivly more noble,self aware and moral, while those who incline toward theanimal within themselves became more deluded by materialism, more a slave to their desires,and more likely to commit injustice and immorality with declining leves of remorse.

"The body,like a mother, is pregnant wiyh the spiritual child; death is the pain and stress of birth.All the souls that have passed over to the next life already are anxiously waiting to see in what state that proud spirit will be born."

J.RUMI (k.s.)

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