Tuesday, September 22

Blog's new URL - http://sufispot.blogspot.com

Salam All,

Eid Mubarak! Hope everyone had a great and blessed Eid!

Please kindly update your URLs. Blog's URL (for now) is http://sufispot.blogspot.com.  Due to an unknown individual moving the domain, sufispot.com, off our records, we hadn't been able to update the blog in a long time.  Fortunately, we have been able to restore the blog to the original address.

We are still working on resolving the issue. To the gentlemen, if you are interested in helping us out, please leave a comment here.  To date, I've not received any communication from the individual responsible for moving the domain.

Edit: It appears that the gentlmen responsible has SOLD the domain to another entity.  As this a non-profit blog, we have decided to keep it hosted within blogspot until we figure out a much catchier domain name. Any suggestions?

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