Wednesday, June 4

Abstain but from Good Speech

25th in the Naksbendi Golden Chain. The great al- Imam ar-Rabbani Ahmad al-Faruqi (Q) said in his 123rd letter in the second volume of the book Maktubat-i Mathumiyya:

One should not spread gossip (carry words) among Muslims. It has been declared that various kinds of torments would be done to those who commit these two kinds of sins. Also, it is haram to lie and slander, and must be abstained from. These two evils were haram in every religion. Their punishments are very heavy. It is very thawab to conceal Muslims' defects, not to spread their secret sins and to forgive them their faults. One should pity one's inferiors, those under one's command [such as wives, children, students, soldiers] and the poor. One should not reproach them for their faults. One should not hurt or heat or swear at those poor persons for trivial reasons. One should attack nobody's property, life, honor, or chastity.

We should not fall into the traps of the enemies of Islam as a result of being deceived by their lies and slanders.


theMostlyHarmless said...

You mean bad speech, right?

Sufi said...

Ofcourse, only say Good Speech. :)

So, Abstain from everything else.