Tuesday, June 10


Do not think that silence is silent!
For its speaks with the most eloquent words
Silence is NOT weakness
It is a strength
It is the weapon for the wise
and the downfall for all adversaries
Let silence be your preparation..
Let silence be your meditation..
Let silence be your realisation..
of this worlds temporary journey
and of our final destination....
So until that day....
when we will stand shoulder to shoulder on the battle fields..
Silence the heart
Silence the mind
and allow ALLAH's Glorious remembrance
leave all else behind.

"Silence is the veil of the ignorant and the adornment of the wise"

"Silence is the best reply to a fool"

"Water can be preserved in a water-skin only when its mouth is tied"

~ Sayyidina Ali (r.a)


Nash said...

Only if more people would apply such a discipline. From religious people to politicians, the world would have been a much peaceful place.

I think no matter what your religious practices are, or faith,culture...etc , such wisdom can apply and bring inner peace to ourselves and reflects on people are us.


Sufi said...

Absolutely agreed. If you look at it, the message is same all across. We are fighting over petty differences, but ironically no one is following even the core values!