Thursday, June 26

Poem on The Holy Prophet

Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi

O Beloved of God, you are the Messenger of the Sole Creator. You are the one chosen by the Holy Lord of Majesty (Who is) without equal.

(You are) the delight of the Lord God (and) the highest Full-Moon of createdbeings, (and) you are the light of the eyes of (God's) Messengers (and) the Lampof our eyes.

On the night of the Ascension, (the angel) Gabriel was at (your) stirrup,(and) you are (the one who was) standing on top of the blue domes (of heaven).

O Messenger of God, you know (that) your community are deprived and destitute, (and) you are the guide of those who are vulnerable and helpless.

(You are) the cypress tree of the rose garden of prophethood (and) the spring-season of spiritual knowledge.

You are the rosebush of the garden of the ReligiousLaw, and the nightingale of the lofty (heavens).

Shamsee Tabreez is one who has the praise of the Messenger in his heart.

O Mustafa, you are the supreme master.

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MysticSaint said...


May profound peace and blessings be with our beloved prophet and may love for his holy face flood our heart.