Sunday, May 4

Keep your mind and heart open in life!

Sheykh Mevlana NazimIf you are coming here like this (filled) cup, then you are not taking anything. This cup is full. Whatever you put in, it is not going to take more.

If you are bringing the cup empty then you are going to find your cup getting filled again, and every time you are tasting from that cup you are going to know that it's different than what was in it before. But if a person is coming with his cup filled, then he is only going to take what he
brought. Nothing else.
~ Shaikh Nazim

In my humble opinion, life is a teacher and we are its students. Everything in life can be a lesson and everyone can be a teacher, hence it is wise to keep our mind and heart open and to avoid prejudgment. Let's control our egos and we shall be pleasantly surprised by what life brings in front of us.

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Captain said...

So, what does it really mean to come with an empty cup? If you've already subscribed to the religion of Islam, how is that an empty cup?