Thursday, May 29

The woman with no Hands and no Feet

As I sit and and think of my struggles
and the ego that i must defeat
I suddenly stop to remember
the woman with no hands and no feet.

Holding out her hand-less limbs
Begging for some charity
knowing she has no other choice
For sadly, this her destiny

How did she come to be?
was it an accident or fate?
As the world carelessly walks on by
Do they see her pain, stop and contemplate?

Contemplate the fact
we have so much to be thankful for
but our eyes and mind our clouded
by our egos want for more

With a roof over our heads
and clothes on our back
food and water to keep us nourished
but still....thankfulness to Allah we lack.

Just see with your eyes
what is true struggle and deprivation
and acknowledge how blessed we are
To be saved from poverty and starvation.

So when we are faced with a test
and the want for what is beyond our reach
Let us be filled with abundant gratitude
For at least,

we still have our hands and our feet.

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