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Power of Thinking

I received this in an email, loved it. Decided to share it with all of you. Post your thoughts! Bare the translation as I think it was not in English originally.

Power of Thinking - Shaykh Maulana Nazim al-Hakkani
April 27th, 2008 in Thoughts by yursil

Whoever acts without thinking never reaches this real life. Everyone must try to reach real life in this life. It is an important responsibility. We promised to our Lord on the day of spirits that we would try. This is our aim in all actions and all worshippings. Allah is not needing worship. He ordered it to help us. Who reaches this real life has completed his responsibility. We must think for every action, it is a way to reach real life.

What is the highest teaching of the Naqshbandi Tariqat? It is to teach everyone how he can carry disliked things, how to face difficulties. We cannot face them without thinking; thinking that it is the will of our Lord. We are weak and cannot endure difficulties by our own power, but that thinking and surrendering allows His will to carry us. With His Will, we are powerful
to face all difficulties. This point is reached only by thinking about everything.

The plane of thinking is as wide as you can imagine. Thinking is the key to reality. Everything we have now, is the fruit of thinking. Of all religions, the one giving the most value to thinking is Islam. This is by the hadith: «One hour of thinking is worth 70 years of worship.»

The perfection of man is hidden in his words. This hadith is enough for thinking people to know that the one who said it is perfect, of high personality. Our Prophet’s words are worth writing in gold letters everywhere.

Our Grandsheikh is asking: who can understand? Everyone? In an assembly of 1000 people, how many do really understand the speaker? Who is listening and who is understanding?
You may say: «Oh we are listening». Man has two kinds of ears, on the head and on the heart. One only listening with his head, is not listening, Understanding is in the heart. If your heart is in action, you can listen.

-Mercy Oceans

"When i learn to trust in myself,
give love with no need to receive,
to believe without seeing before my eyes,
even then, i need to take a Guide."
Forever Haqqani

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