Wednesday, May 7

Muslims believe in other religions!

Just to show that Muslims and Islam is the religion of peace and love. Clearing up the misconceptions as the true Islam is never about hate or forceful negativity.

This is direct from Quran (Koran)

Truly, those who have faith (in this Quran), as well as those who follow the Jewish (faith) and the Christians and the Sabians -- all who believe in God (Allah) and the Last Day, and do righteous deeds, shall have their reward with their Sustainer; they need have no fear , neither shall they grieve.


Shaykh said...


Islam is a religion of love and peace but at the same time it also asks us to be strong and forceful when required. Don't You Think?

Sufi said...

Ofcourse, but being strong also means to be patient and compassionate of others.

Being forceful can also mean that we must be able to absorb other's negativity and turn it into positivity. Traditional school of thought will not apply in today's world. You attract more from honey than vinegar.

Forceful can also be forced love or in a non-confrontational manner. Imo

Captain said...

what about the zarathustrians? what about the native americans? the africans?

Sufi said...

I never knew Africans was a religion?
I thought it was a race?

Captain said...

no, i'm talking about the african people, the native americans. are they children of your god too, or not. if they are, how come they didn't get any prophets?

Sufi said...

Ofcourse they did. Allah sent Prophets as they were needed in different regions of the world. Have you ever pondered how come the main message is the same in all religions?

Heaven and Hell. Do good to others etc.?

Deen said...

Misconception of Alternate Religion

Few days ago I had the opportunity in attending a seminar where a Muslim from a foreign country in his deliberations pointed about peace in every religion. There I objected, does Al-Quran accept or acknowledge any other religion except Din Islam. The gentle man being a foreign national just deviated, but in our society these misconceptions also prevail.

Very often we say, ‘the texts of most of religions are more or less same, hence in observance of anyone is altogether same, for a Muslim to utter this is a great sin.

Though Al Quran cannot be exactly translated in other language, but a closer meaning is as follows:
“Unto you, your moral law, and unto me, mine!�? —-Surah (109:6)
Hence those who think that the prophet Muhammad (s.a) has despaired of the disbelievers are mistaken. Not for a single moment did he cease to invite the disbelievers to accept Islam and to forsake the worship of idols.
It is worthy to mention the guidance of Dr Muhammad Fazlur Rahman Ansari, he taught that the ‘part’ (of knowledge) should never be studied apart from, or isolation of, the ‘whole’ to which it belongs. Secondly he taught that proper gathering of knowledge pertaining to a subject of study requires that it should be organized a whole.
Surah Al Kafirun is one of the earliest Makkan Surah having 18th in order of revelations. To have clear perceptions it is a must to go through the other related verses.
1.�?And if they reject thee, say: My work is for me and your work is for you. You are clear of what I do, I am clear of what you do�?—-Surah (10:41) Makkan 51st .
2.�?Say: O people, if you are in doubt as to my Din, (know that) I serve not those, whom you serve besides Allah, But I serve Allah, who causes you to die; and I am commanded to be of the believers�?. —-Surah(10:104)
Later on in a Madinan revelation again mentioned. “We are clear of you and of what which you serve besides Allah, We disbelieve in you and there had arisen enmity and hatred between us and you�?. —-Surah(60:4) Madinan 91st .
The above-mentioned verses have clearly overruled the concept of any other religion other than Din Islam to be accepted by Allah. It has also exposed the fundamental discrepancies in the essence of the two beliefs and doctrines, in the source of the two concepts and in the nature of the two paths of monotheism and polytheism.
Another major misconception lies in their mind regarding the following verse:
“Surely those who believe, and those who are Jews, and the Christians, and the Sabians. Whoever believes in Allah and the Last day and does good, they have their reward with their lord, and there is no fear for them, nor shall they grieve�?.—–Surah ( 2 : 62 )
From Hadith the cause of revelation of this verse is found as; once Salman Pharsi (r.a) appealed to Prophet Muhammad (s.a) for knowing the consequences of the previous generations who performed their Din properly, this verse were revealed. To avoid misunderstandings detail clarifications were provided in other verses revealed later on.
1. “Do they seek other than the religion of Allah, while to Him submitted all creatures in the heavens and the earth, willingly or unwillingly. And to him shall they all be returned�?—- Surah (3 : 83).
2. Say: “We believe in Allah and in what has been sent down to us, and what was sent down to Ibrahim, Ismail, Ishaq, Ya’qub and Al-Asbat, and what was given to Musa, Isa and the Prophets from their Lord. We make no distinction between one another among them and to him (Allah) we have submitted�?—-Surah (3 : 84)
3.“And whoever seeks a Din other than Islam, it will never be accepted of him, and in the Hereafter he will be one of losers�?.—-Surah (3 : 85)

From the above verses it is very much clear that the basic principle of characterizing the universe, in other words the religion of the universe and of every part of it is Din Islam; in so far as the universe is in a state of total obedience and service to the will of Allah, simply to say the Only valid religion to Allah is Din Islam. How dare those who want to a follow a different path other than presented by Him, when Allah has ordained is in one of latest revealed verse; “This day have I perfected your religion for you and completed My favour unto you, and have chosen for you as deen AL-ISLAM.�?…Surah (5:3) . After revelation of this the concept of any other alternative has not been forbidden?
The claim of Jewish as a recognized religion can be overruled by the following verses:
“ Say O you Jews ! If you pretend that you are friends of Allah, to the exclusion of (all) other people, then long for death if you are truthful�? —-Surah (62:6)
It is interesting to note that here Allah has not mentioned “ O, Jews�?, rather mentioned, “yaaa—
‘ayyuhal-Laziina haaduuu�? which means that, the people who have claimed themselves as Jews. Now does this recognize that Allah has accepted Jewism as a religion? Similar is the cases of Christians, Sabians etc all of them have named themselves as different cults. The case of Muslims is only different, because Allah has Himself named them as Muslim, “He named you Muslims before and in this,�?—-Surah (22:78).
Hence it is clear that when Allah sent Muhammad as the last and final prophet and messenger to all the children of Adam(s.a), mankind were required to abide by Al Quran and follow Muhammad(s.a) there is no other option. But before the revelation of Al Quran and advent of Muhammad (s.a), the children of Adam(s.a) who followed their unadulterated scriptures and followed their the then messengers righteously have no fear and will be duly rewarded by Allah.
Again it is mentioned:
1.“If only the People of the Scripture would believe and ward of (evil), surely We should remit their sins from them�? …Surah(5:65)
2. “In the like manner We have revealed unto thee Scripture, and those unto whom We gave the Scripture aforetime will believe therein; and of these (also) there are some who believe therein. And none deny Our revelations save the disbelievers.�?….Surah(29:47)
3. “Lo! those who disbelieve, among the People of the Scripture and the idolaters, will abide in fire of hell.�? ….Surah(98:6)
The clarification of this distinction is indispensable both for those who invite people to Islam and the people themselves, because ignorant concepts are likely to be mixed with those of Islam especially in those societies which followed the Islamic methods, but have later deviated from it. They badly need to realize that they are calling for Islam today in entirely ignorant surroundings amongst ex-Muslim peoples whose hearts have grown harder and whose beliefs have now deteriorated considerably they need to understand that there is no room for short-term or half solutions, compromises or partial redemption or adjustment, and that their call is for uniquely distinguished, in contrast to what these people conceive of as Islam, otherwise it can never be constructed on any ambiguous or feeble foundations.

My brothers let us not take verses out of context. May allah guide us all.